Duc d'Anville Elementary

Early French Immersion Information

Dear New Primary Families,

February is registration month for students who will start Primary in September.  If your child is already in Pre-Primary, no further registration is necessary to continue on at Duc d’Anville Elementary.  For Primary, you are able to choose English (which takes place at Duc d’Anville) or Early French Immersion (which takes place at Burton Ettinger). 

For those of you who are still uncertain as to which program to choose, we have included a virtual session about the French immersion program.  As we are unable to have an in person French Immersion information session this year, we have included a virtual session for you.  There is also a powerpoint for you to look through.  This information is specific to French Immersion.  For general primary procedure questions, there will be an information session in May.  If you have any French Immersion primary questions after viewing the video and slide show, please email  tfoster@hrce.ca.