Duc d'Anville Elementary

Welcome Back

Happy New Year Duc Families!

We look forward to welcoming them back on January 11th.  We have been busy here all week engaged as a school team in professional development on a variety of topics. A focus on student achievement, well-being and equity was at the heart of our work this week.

Families and students will see a big change to the building next week.  The portables that were on the field have been removed.  We have permanent concrete jersey barriers up in the parking lot for student and staff safety.  The biggest change will be the huge move that happened over the break of 11 classes.

Our new modular building is finally completed! The upstairs classrooms are 3 Baldwin, 3 Marks, 2/3 Leveille and 2KH.  The main floor is 1/2MW, 1 Currie, 1 Currie/Landry and 2 Noel.  For Monday, the doors will be labelled - the left doors will have 1/2 MW, 3B and 3M entering there.  1 Currie, 1 CL and 2N will enter through the middle doors.  2KH and 2/3 L will enter through the right hand doors.

In the main building, we now have our pre-primary classes!  We are excited to get to know these students better.  They will enter through the doors closest to the parking lot.  Ms. Larder has also moved upstairs to room 200 and will continue to use the same doors as before.

Please look next week for another email that will contain our January newsletter along with information about starting pizza one day a week for hot lunch.

See you all Monday!